Eri Sagamu

Eri Sagamu is the river that is responsible for the existence and prosperity of Sagamu. It is worshipped by all Sagamu in order that the town may continue to know progress. When it is worshipped at the right time, commerce thrives and harvests are bountiful.

Oosa Eri Sagamu is so powerful that if she is neglected – if she is not fed – she will arise, appear to one of the town’s leaders, and complain.

If this warning is not heeded, rains will fail and the Oba to whom the message was first delivered may go blind (or even die).

Eri Sagamu is viewed as being more powerful than Osun Osogbo because, in comparison to Osun, she rises from a much smaller source from deep within the Earth to become a mighty river.

She bisects the entire Remo district but has never been traced to its final destination as boats cannot navigate her furthest ends.


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