This Local Government Area was created in September 1991, from the defunct Remo Local Government It is a semi-urban settlement, comprising of 5 major towns, namely Iperu, Ilisan, Ogere, Irolu and Ikenne the headquarters. It has a land area of about 137.13 sq.km bounded on the west by Obafemi-Owode Local Government, on the south by Sagamu Local Government, on the east and north by Odogbolu Local Government

Ikenne is the headquarters of this Local Government Area


The Remo people are predominant in this area.


The projected population of this Local Government Area is about 72,980, according to 1991 National population census.


The people are predominantly farmers and traders, due to the favorable rainforest weather in this area.


There is freedom of worship for everyone, however Christians and Muslims are found in the area, while some take to traditional religion.


The Local Government has 34 primary & secondary schools. There are also two tertiary institutions that are privately owned, Babcock University at Ilisan and Ogun state-owned Institute of Social development at Shasha.

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