As part of our contribution to the growth of various businesses in Remoland, we have decided that we would feature any Remoland  Young Entrepreneurs that is performing impressively in the business world.

Our aim for every small businesses,  is to encourage and help them promote their ventures, and for established businesses and individuals, we seek to celebrate them while also hoping that their success stories will act as sufficient motivation for other young Remonians.

It is completely free to be featured on the platform, but certain simple criteria have to be met.

1.You must be a True Son/Daughter of Remoland (Home/Abroad)

2.You must not be above 40 years of age

3.Your business must be at least two years of age

4.Your business must have the capacity to employ, or, it must be able to motivate people(especially young people) towards a greater positive goal

If you believe that your business meets up with these standards why not send us a mail at mayorbglobal@gmail.com or better still fill the form below. Tell us a little about yourself and your business and a member of our team will get back to you within 24 hours to fix a date and time for the interview.

Depending on your location we may also pay you a visit to see how your business is fairing and to offer any needed advice or motivation.

We are extremely glad to be your partner as you journey towards business success.



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