Confab: PRF Commends Remo Delegates Over Ijebu State Struggle

The Pan Remo Forum, PRF, an umbrella body for all socio-political organisations in Remoland, has commended the delegates at the ongoing National Conference for their efforts at restructuring the country.

Ijebu Ode

PRF stated that these efforts, which saw them touch key issues like resource control, devolution of power, electoral act and state creation, amongst others,  underscores the serious attention the Confab and its delegates attach to the task before them.

According to a statement issued by the group and made available the group also made its stand known as regards the creation of Ijebu State from Ogun state, stating clearly the demands of the citizens.

The statement which was jointly signed by the group’s chairman, Yinka Mafe and its Director of Information and Strategy, Otunba ‘Dare Odufowokan noted that the efforts of the Federal Government have not gone unnoticed as well.

“The task of deciding the future of Nigeria calls for total involvement of all Nigerians as well as concerted efforts from all sectors, irrespective of class, tribe, religion or political affiliation.

“In this regard, the efforts of the Federal Government, national assembly, Confab and other bodies are appreciated.

“Though the Pan Remo Forum (PRF) is non-partisan, it is not oblivious of the need for our people to be actively involved in the politics of the land in order to be able to ensure Remoland gets its rights and priviledges in the scheme of things both locally and nationally.

“Consequently, PRF finds it instructive and urgent to state our position on the proposed creation of Ijebu State as announced by the ongoing National Conference in Abuja,” the statement read in part.

While stating the group’s bias for the creation of Ijebu State, the statement further read, “while we, like most people of Remoland, are very pleased with the decision to create a state for us out of the present Ogun State, we take serious exemptions to certain modalities in the proposed Ijebu State. 

“Hence, we make bold to say Remo people will vigourously oppose the plan to make us ‘second class citizens’ in an entity where historically, traditionally and economically, we’ve been equal partners with our Ijebu brothers and sisters for decades. 

“Firstly, we are uncomfortable with an alleged proposal to name the new state IJEBU state and put the capital at IJEBU-ODE.
“Our take is that the new entity should reflect the joint ownership and equality of the co-operating partners, i.e the Ijebu and Remo geo-political units of present Ogun East senatorial district.

“We recall that Remo has been an independent entity existing alongside Ijebu, Egba, Oyo, e.t.c. as a DIVISION as far back as April, 1937.

“Also, it is on record that when it was time to create local governments and Remo and Ijebu got lumped together, the entity was named IJEBU/REMO Local Government and not just Ijebu LGA nor Remo LGA. 

“Consequently, we declare that any proposal that ignores the identity and equality of the Remo clan in the new state is unacceptable to us. Therefore we APPEAL that the new state MUST reflect the place of REMOland as an equal partner. 

“We therefore propose that IJEBU state with Ikenne Remo as capital is the only acceptable arrangement to us. Anything short of this will be unfair and unacceptable to us.

“Also, we want to state clearly that an arrangement that will give Ijebu 16 Local Government Areas and leave Remo with 8 out of proposed 24 LGAs should neither be considered nor attempted.

“Giving recognition to geography and economy, we propose a more eqitable distribution of the proposed 24 LGAs”.


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