Health Tips: Cancer

 Over fifty one human studies have been conducted on the role of vitamins in the prevention of cancer. This study showed that vitamin E appears to protect our from lung, esophageal, colorectal cancer, and possibly from cancer of the cervix and breast. An animal study indicates that the vitamin may protect against additional cancer, too. When vitamin E was given to animals that were exposed to potent carcinogens, it was found that the supplement reduced the incidence of cancer of the skin, mouth, colon, breast.  Topically vitamin E has been shown to protect the skin of animals against free radical damage caused by ultraviolet light.

    Indicates that vitamin E is also useful in the treatment of existing cancers. An animal study, vitamin E has enhanced the ability of radiation treatments to shrink implanted cancerous tumors. In the study, when vitamin E was given to cancer patients, the supplement appeared to protect normal cells from the damaging effects of chemotherapy drugs without protecting the cancer cells. So, it reduced some of the drugs’ side effects without reducing their effectiveness.


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