Mayowa Adegbuyi: Packaging/IT Expert


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I am a very inquisitive fellow; I love to learn new things. So when I came across and read this week’s young entrepreneur’s profile in our inbox I had to push all other interviews aside for his. At the end of our conversation I was pleased I did. I have been speaking to young entrepreneurs for quite some time, but on this occasion I can boldly say that I enriched my knowledge.

This week’s young entrepreneur is Mayowa Adegbuyi, the MD of MayorBEE-Global Ventures; a packaging and printing company in the ever bustling metropolis of Lagos. Mayowa started from scratch and built his venture into what it has become today through sheer hard work and unrepentant determination. In this interview, Mayowa enlightens us about printing terms such as; Batch coding and Barcodes, and tells us about the challenges that he faced rising to where he is currently.


Can you introduce yourself to us?

I am Mayowa Adegbuyi the MD/CEO of MayorBEE-Global Ventures, a packaging and printing company in Lagos.

Tell us about your educational background.

My primary school was in Lagos; Twinkle Star Nursery and Primary school, Gbagada, while Secondary; JSS 1-3 was at CMS Grammar school and SSS 1-3 was at Sanngo Secondary School, Agege. I have a Diploma in Industrial and Labour Relations and a Degree in Sociology from OOU.


Can you tell us in the simplest of terms what exactly you do at MayorBEE-Global Ventures? What kind of services do you offer?

Thanks. MayorBEE-Global Ventures is a multi department firm set up to provide quality and reliable services at all times, and present a wide range of Computer and IT Solutions; Packaging products and solutions which have varied applications. Our services includes: Graphic designs, corporate branding, product packaging solutions, sales of packaging machines and materials general paper or nylon printing batch coding solutions, Business setup and support services.


How long have you been in this business?

If I am to say when I started the journey I will say 2003, but it fully started as a registered entity in May 2009.


Very good. I am impressed.



What does Batch Coding means? There are a lot of people who haven’t heard that term before.

Yes that’s true, many people don’t know what Batch Coding is even though we all see it on products before purchasing them. Batch Coding is the process by which expiry, manufacturing date etcetera are printed on products, that is; all those dates we all check for on products. These dates are printed by some machines which we call Batch Coders. We have the manual type, the semi-electric, and the automated ones. The manual and semi-electric are cheaper and easy to get, and are used by small businesses, while the automated ones are the types used on packaging machines which prints information faster and more efficiently, but they are very expensive.


Is it compulsory that I must have them on my products?

They are necessary in the sense that it is from these printed information that we, the end users, can get production and expiry dates and so on, though there are some people who print their production and expiry dates on their labels or packages directly, but this will cost them another printing expenses when they finishes the labels but with the batch coder they can print labels blank and print dates on products at continuous times.


Okay. How much does it cost? Both the automated and manual.

The manual type starts from #8,000(plastic) and the metal type starts from #35,000. The ribbon coder starts from #70,000 and the semi-electric starts from around #150,000. The Industrial inkjet types ranges from #750,000 – #1.5m. The one for #35,000-our company was responsible for making it affordable for small businesses to get for around #25,000, and we still plan to make it even cheaper so many more small businesses can be able to afford it.


What is the difference between Batch Coding and Barcodes?

Batch Coder are for expiry and production date printing, while Barcodes are the lines you see beside some products.


What are Barcodes used for?

Barcodes are used by supermarkets for sales monitoring. They use barcodes when goods are purchased for entry into the company sales accounting packages and later use a Barcode scanner to scan products when sales are made daily or periodically. With the use of these bar codes supermarket attendants don’t need to start checking for cost of any goods or quantity unsold, immediately the scanner reads the products’ bar code it deduct sales from stock. We are also one of the young firms that made it easy for SME’s to easily source for these barcodes as many companies never knew how to get one, and why they need to have them on their products.


So does your company also offer barcode production services or will you link me to where I can get it done?

We offer it as one of our services. I only listed few of our services earlier so as not to take too much time. Allow me to list more of the services that we offer; we do various paper prints: business cards, various office stationery printing, gift/souvenir, PVC Shrink Labels for bottle water/juice, Carton for packaging of products; Bread/Water Nylon printing; Business name registration; Packaging machine/materials manufacturers rep, etc


Do you have an office apartment? If yes, what is the address?

75a, iju road, westmart Compound, Agege, Lagos.


Do you have employees?



What were the challenges that you faced getting to this stage and what are some of the challenges that you are currently still facing?

Challenges I faced before getting here was getting people to trust me to be able to supply and provide them the best services. But thank God I was able to convince a client about supplying him with computers. We made an agreement that I will deliver the systems and he will pay after delivery. He initially thought I was joking, but then I delivered them and he liked it. He was able to convince other schools to patronize me. A proprietor even gave me a full list of schools in Ijebu-North LGA to start doing business with; this was in my computer solutions.

Also in my Packaging people feared that I might fail since my company was young and I was trying to offer services of big, older companies, but I thank God for everything, today we can boast of clients in Ghana, Chad and various states in Nigeria.

Talking about challenges that I am currently facing, one is getting banks to fund my business for expansion. Many banks want you to bank with them yet they won’t patronize you as their customer.


Okay. Let me take you back a bit, you studied Sociology yet you are into I.T, what happened? What caused the change?

Thanks, I studied computer before admission, so with that knowledge I was able to render many services to people around me, and those who I met while I worked before I gained admission. I started my entrepreneurial life providing computer solutions and IT services back then.


Okay. Finally, what are you future plans for MayorBEE-Global Ventures?

My plan is to see to it that we become one of the best service provider clients would be happy to work with. I plan to make my business go places, to expand within and outside the shores of this country. I also plan to make more impart on small and medium scale entrepreneurs by providing services and solutions to them at very affordable rates, and we will keep researching for ways to make it even cheaper for them.


Thank you very much Mr. Mayowa Adegbuyi for speaking with us. We wish you the best in your future plans.

Amen and you too my brother, I appreciate your time for the interview and support to our business.

Adegbuyi Mayowa B.
Business Development Manager(BDM)
MayorBEE Global Ventures
75A, Iju Road, Westmart Compound,
Agege, Lagos, Nigeria
+2348053047165, +2347080035866

BBM: 7465F177


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