List of rulers of Remo

akarigbo of remo oba dr. m.a. sonariwo conThe western half of the Ijebu Kingdom in Nigeria is known as Remo. It was initially settled roughly around the second half of the 15th century and was consolidated into a major sector of the kingdom with its own dominant ruling family around the early 16th century. This is a list of the Akarigbo’s of Remo, who in many present day sources can also be referred to as the Oba or King of Sagamu (pronounced Shagamu).

Kings of Remo

  1. Akarigbo
  2. Aroyewun
  3. Luyoruwa
  4. Radolu
  5. Koyelu
  6. Muleruwa
  7. Torungbuwa
  8. Anoko
  9. Liyangu
  10. Otutubiosun
  11. Erinjugbotan
  12. Faranpojo
  13. Igimisoje(Responsible for the relocation of the capital from Remo to Shagamu, during the Yoruba Wars mid 19th century)
  14. Dueja
  15. Oyebajo
  16. Adedoyin I
  17. Awolesi
  18. Adedoyin II
  19. Adeleke(Removed for violating ascension rights)
  20. Adeniyi(Also known as Sonariwo, current ‘Oba’ King)

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