“TRADITIONAL RULERS (Installation & Burial Rites Law)”

Unfortunately, Customs, tradition and cultures are hideouts for atrocities and blatant breach of the human rights of ALL Moslem and Christian TRADITIONAL RULERS in Nigeria.The funeral rites of Ogun State Traditional Monarchs (ALL OBAS) remain a secret, a Taboo subject.

 No one dare speak about how they are laid to rest, if one can say Oba Oyebade Lipede or Oba Funsho Adeolu (ELEYINMI) of ODE -REMO has been laid to rest.This practice is not uncommon in significant parts of Yorubaland of Nigeria. Whilst many potential victims bury their heads in the sand and console themselves with ”what happens after my death is no concern of mine”This is a sufficient reason why it should be the concern of all law abiding Nigerian Citizens to represent the potential victims of customary rituals most especially the Monarchs in areas where customary rituals, idolatry are of concern, with a particular focus on currently serving Yoruba Kings who following their death are at risk of becoming victims of barbaric, secretive, valueless, obnoxious, fake and unfounded customary rituals.What we know is that the body of Late Oba Funsho Adeolu was brutalised, treated like that of a criminal, dragged around on the streets of the town, his head left hanging for many weeks until the neck was rotten to allow the neck to come off naturally without the use of a sharp knife.


Once the head came off, the body was cut into pieces, his heart removed to be eaten by his successor. His head is still in captivity somewhere in Ode Remo, Ogun State. He has no grave.We are told the Kings of of Remo-land (Ogun State, Nigeria) are not entitled to an identifiable final place of rest, so do not have graves – a tradition which is not in accordance with the practice in ILE IFE or in OYO, the historical origin and source of all Yorubas including those from Remo-land.The perpetrators of the fake, barbaric, and uncivilised inhumane act against the remains of dead Kings of Yorubaland are a group of individuals who are Slaves known as Afobajes / Kingmakers, Abobakus (destined to die with the King) Olokunesin known as Odis (slaves) of Ode Remo / Ijebu-land.


This sensitive and controversial issue requires a law to give all Monarchs the right to opt out of customary rituals during installation and funeral rites, as well as curtail the powers of the ritualists – Afobajes, Odis, slaves, and Abobakus, who once upon a time would have been buried whole with my late Kabiyesi.Nowadays, there is a Chief’s Law which provides for the appointment and approval of Obas. Consequently Obas are fully part of a democratic system of governance, which does not approve of Choice By “Ifa” (Eeefah).There is no shred of evidence in line with the YORUBA – “IFA” religious doctrine which recommends the way in which Oba Funso Adeolu’s remains were treated.We a need a legislation to eradicate this fake uncivilised cultural practice – perhaps, “TRADITIONAL RULERS (Installation & Burial Rites Law).” This law shall give the Traditional rulers the right to opt out of any Installation rite or process which does not conform to his religion or belief and give instructions as to the disposal of body in accordance with religion or belief.


for further info:

e-mail yorubacustomaryrituals@yahoo.com or

send a text to +447985194089(UK)

Hon. Alderman Erelu Lola Ayonrinde

(Conservative UK)

Erelu Tunwase of ODE- REMO (Ogun State Nigeria)


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