Ifa and Remoland

Remoland, a geographic area of Ogun State, Nigeria, has a rich history. The Ijebu have a distinct culture from other Yoruba groups like the Ondo, Ife, Oyo, or Ekiti, but have also adapted and incorporated elements from those same groups.

Ifa is still very strong in Remoland and it is with the Babalawo of Ode Remo and Ifa of Ijebu in particular that this website is created.

Ifa – and all the other heritages of practice amongst the Orisa, Egungun, healing arts, musical arts, and so on – must not become quaint museum pieces.

Like other indigenous peoples and practices, Ifa and Orisa maintain ancient wisdoms that hold medicine for this sick world. And as Oloye Iyawa Adunni Wenger has proven, these heritages provide powerful healing for people and the environment.

Our goal together with the diviners of Ode Remo is to strengthen Ifa and ensure its practice and perpetuation into the future, despite ongoing ignorance and prejudice against them. We seek to hold a critical dialogue of a ‘postcolonial’ existence that questions the role of Western religions and institutions with African heritages in order to face contemporary African challenges.

In line with the Ghanaian philosopher Kwasi Wiredu, these heritages must be constantly evaluated for their practical uses and their negative or positive effects and usefulness for the contemporary world and people’s lives.

Chief Ifaniyi J.Abiodun


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